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Manage your portfolio in Crypto with the highest level of automation 

Manage Fund with Crypto currency with all other calculations included

Calculate complex staking and yield returns in specifically for crypto positions 


Our Software 

octopus portfolio & fund management

Individualized software...

We provide you with a flexible user interface and a fully individualized software adjusted to your needs by our developers.

octopus data warehouse IBOR

Crypto portfolios...

in this version of Octopus Crypto positions from different exchanges can be managed in one portfolio. Crypto can be set up as a special type of instrument with individual subcategories or treated like a normal currency.


Octopus provides crypto fund managers with the highest level of automation from position reconciliation to the generation of reports such as fund valuations, key investor information, compliance reports and factsheets.

All leading crypto exchanges are integrated via API interfaces for both market data retrieval and trading.

octopus pre-trade compliance

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